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Forging Strong Relationships with Artists and Collectors

Lam & Co Antiquities was established in 1998. The gallery specialises in Chinese antiques, with a particular emphasis on early ceramics, Tang glazed wares, terracotta figurines, wood carvings, paintings, antiques books and early Buddhist sculpture. The scope is eclectic and diverse, with a concentration on rarity and quality. Our high standing and reputation for trustworthiness is recognised in Hong Kong, China, and throughout the world, and we are one of the most respected dealerships within the profession. 


We work in tandem with dealers and auction houses worldwide to help clients establish their collections, and have handled many of the antiquities that have become part of museum collections. We have enjoyed the love and support of innumerable friends and colleagues over the years, and the mission of our business is one of professionalism and probity in our quest to help our clients acquire pieces that are unique, authentic, and beautiful. That aestheticism is our immutable and ultimate goal. 

In 2019, we are delighted to announce the opening of our first London gallery (LAM & CO UK), a key step in the company's international expansion plans. The London Gallery will reserve our business traditions in helping collectors worldwide in ancient and modern contemporary Chinese Art through a variety of services: consultancy, valuation, appraisal, sales, investment, auction and consignment. 




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